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Axis Cafe to Become Mixed Use Building if Approved by Planning Commission

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Today the Planning Commission will hear the Conditional Use application for 1150 16th Street. The project demolishes the existing Axis Cafe building near Potrero Hill to construct a five-story building with 15 dwelling units and ground floor retail, attached to an adjacent four-story building with ground floor retail and PDR (Productions, Distribution, and Repair - Design) units above. Fear not Axis Cafe lovers - the project sponsor also made an agreement to bring the cafe back to the ground floor retail space once construction is finished. Planning staff recommends approval, mostly because the project will include the first PDR building under the Eastern Neighborhoods rezoning, and 60% of the residential units will be family-size (4 three-bedroom units and 5 two-bedroom) with 2 on-site affordable housing units. So far no one from the public has officially opposed the project, so it looks like smooth sailing. We'll update you after the hearing.
· Conditional Use Application for 1150 16th Street [SF Planning]