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Get Your A-Cup On: Naples

Tomorrow's final America's Cup World Series Race in Naples can be watched locally from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at two San Francisco bars- the Wreck Room at Hyde & California and The Republic on Scott Street near Lombard. Nob Hill and The Marina? Sounds like some kind of yachtsman redlining, but then again, no one in the Mission probably much cares. So far, it's been rainy and windy with heavy seas in Naples, and who knows, maybe nearby Vesuvius will throw off a few puffs of smoke for good measure. The race will have taken place earlier in the day, of course, and we're assuming this is a test run of the ACEA's new video systems. Expect yacht-themed cocktails and raffle prizes, and if you do go, please report back. [via ACEA press release]