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On Today's BoS Agenda: Small Businesses and Foreclosures

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At today's hearing, the Board of Supervisors will attempt to alleviate some of the strain on small business owners and foreclosed homeowners. First, an ordinance sponsored by Supervisor Chu will establish May 2012 as Small Business Month, and amend the Planning and Building Codes to waive fees for the month of May for certain façade improvements. The fees will be waived for awning replacements and installation of pedestrian level lighting, hopefully encouraging small businesses to make improvements.

Second, the Board will issue a resolution supporting the California Homeowner Bill of Rights, urging City and County officials and departments to protect homeowners from unlawful foreclosures, and urging City contractors and all mortgage and banking institutions to suspend foreclosure activities and related auctions and evictions until State and Federal measures to protect homeowners from unfair and unlawful practices and provisions for principal reductions are in place. Co-sponsored by 7 of the 9 Supervisors, the resolution urges city agencies to take proactive steps to protect residents from illegal foreclosures, auctions, and evictions.
· Planning, Building Codes - Fee Waiver Program - Small Business Month - May 2012 [SF Gov]
· Support for State and Federal Measures to Protect Homeowners and Suspension of Foreclosure Activities in San Francisco [SF Gov]

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