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Sunday Streets This Weekend; Yardbombing Drama In Berkeley

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[Sunday Streets via Sergio Ruiz]

GREAT HIGHWAY/GOLDEN GATE PARK—This Sunday, Sunday Streets will have a new route on the Great Highway. Get your skate, bike, dance, walk, and anything else that doesn't require a vehicle on along Middle Drive, MLK Drive, and the Great Great Highway from 11AM to 4PM. There will also be a new route through Golden Gate Park, and returning to the Great Highway from Lincoln to Sloat. [Curbed Inbox]

BERKELEY—Librarians in Berkeley were not thrilled to find that a yarnbomber had made some custom knitted coverings for the new circular bike racks outside Berkeley's newly reopened North Branch Library. Streetcolor, the yarnbomber responsible for the knitted coverings said she spent a couple months spinning and knitting the covers for the bike racks. While installing the covers, "lots of locals stopped to take pictures and thank us," Streetcolor told Berkeleyside. Library officials removed the covers the following day. [Berkeleyside]