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Planning, Rec & Parks Commissions to Decide the Fate of 8 Washington Street

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New design of project at 8 Washington [Photo credit: SOM/PWP Landscape Architecture/San Francisco Waterfront Partners]

Tomorrow at 10am, the Planning and Recreation & Parks Commissions will be holding a special joint hearing to discuss the project at 8 Washington. They'll meet to certify the Environmental Impact Report, as well as issue a whole slew of approvals. As you may recall, 8 Washington features staggered towers with 145 units of housing, ground floor retail, and revamped health club, but the real grumbling occurred when NIMBY neighbors got word that the project will remove the tennis courts that are part of the current Golden Gateway Tennis & Swim Club. Despite the hollering, the Golden Gateway Club recently aligned itself with the developer and will shut down the tennis courts, replacing them with a "family-friendly aquatic and fitness center" plus a gym/health club and indoor and outdoor pools.

In addition to including a new public park and playground as part of the project, the towers will cast shadows on neighboring Sue Bierman Park. The Commissions will be establishing a cumulative shadow limit for Sue Bierman Park- basically meaning that any future development around the area can't create more than a certain amount of shadow. Final approval of the 8 Washington project will eventually go before the Board of Supervisors later this spring.

Once the Rec & Park Commission can adjourn, the Planning Commission must mercilessly remain to approve General Plan amendments, height reclassification, and a Conditional Use Application. Phew! Sounds like it'll be a long day. We'll be watching on SFGovTV and will let you know how it all plays out.
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8 Washington

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