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High Design With Views, $3.2M, High Art Not Included

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[Click to enlarge in a new window. Images via SF Properties]

This listing dropped into our email last night with "Where can I get chromed window frames like these?" Well, Virginia, not at Home Depot. Or online. But you might want to call Orlando Diaz-Azcuy, the original designer of this minimalist setting at 1170 Sacramento Street, the c.1963 Nob Hill condo on Huntington Park. Diaz-Azcuy, a neatnik noted for his immaculate attention to details like those polished steel windows, was a principal at Gensler and now runs his own very successful design firm where he famously requires staff to wear white lab coats. The apartment is currently owned by Françoise and Andrew Skurman- Andrew being the very successful architect who's also no slouch in the immaculate detail department. Diane Dorrans Saeks looked at the place a while back and discussed the collection. We noticed they keep moving the furniture around. The 1-bed, 1.5-bath apartment (not yet on the MLS) is asking $3,200,000, which includes a studio apartment on a lower floor. Presumably for the help, since that's were the washer/dryer is. HOAs are $3025 a month, which includes two parking spaces, guest parking and a phalanx of doormen.

Besides the polished window frames, a lot white lacquer and white glass floor tiles, plus some good stuff scattered around- we recognize the vintage Serge Roche plaster torcheres flanking the window and a Wayne Thibaud painting over the fireplace, plus Ms. Dorrans Saeks identified the big picture behind the dining table as by Alessandro Twombley (son of Cy.) There's an Eileen Gray Transat mirror, along with a collection of antique Venetian ones. Great images in the listing link below, and if you can identify any of the rest of the art or furniture, tell us in the comments.
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