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California's Smallest (Legal) Apartment Is Right Here In S.F.

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Behold, a tour of an apartment in San Francisco that's 160 square feet, the smallest legal-sized apartment for California. Inspired by the easiness of spending trips with his family in a 78 square foot Airstream, housing developer Patrick Kennedy decided to build the smallest legal apartment you can build in California. Kennedy envisions his SmartSpaces as "a larger and hipper version of LEGO blocks."

While the the studio isn't currently occupied, an MIT student did spend 3 weeks in the humble abode to try it out. The current space isn't perfect, but Kennedy has used feedback from the student and his team to make version 2.0 better. Property features include a table that turns into a bench that doubles as a bed "if you've had a friend over who's had too much to drink," and the building materials, which were really important since the dweller would be in such close contact with every finish. In the video Kennedy shows us around his tiny abode, and explains things he learned during the building process. "We learned, for example, that ceiling heights have to be at least 9 feet, width of a room has to be at least 10 feet, 11 is much better so our next generation is going to be 11 feet, we needed to know how big the bathroom was so 2 people could turn around in it and that sort of thing."

Kennedy thinks his SmartSpaces will be a hit amongst busy urban dwellers, since they spend more time outside and on the town than indoors. "Someone asked Aristotle Onasisis, what was your secret to being rich and he said 2 things, always have a suntan and always have an address in the best part of town even if it's a broom closet. Now I'm providing the broom closets in the South of Market area, metaphorically speaking."
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