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Partying It Up at AT&T Park

The Chron's C.W. Nevius was hot on a case this weekend after he noticed that AT&T Park's lights were on, which is odd since the Giants are currently in Arizona for spring training. Upon further inspection, he saw that the center field scoreboard read "Congrats on your bar mitzvah." Nevius checked in with Staci Slaughter, vice president of communications for the Giants, and she told him that the ballpark averages one or two bar and bat mitzvahs a year. "It's all about the unique venue," she said. "You would be amazed. We have had some incredibly elegant dinners in the dugout." No word on how much it'll cost to rent the ballpark, but Slaughter offered a "ballpark figure" of four to five figures. "We even have groups that hit in the indoor batting cages for awhile and then go eat," she said. [SFGate]