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Doyle Drive About to Disappear Forever, Say Hello to Your Lovely New Tunnel

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Now that we've gotten past that worrisome deficit problem at the Doyle Drive replacement project, here's a celebratory video of what's to come this spring. Supervisor Mark Farrell and project spokesperson Molly Graham take us on a tour of the nearly complete tunnel- to which traffic will be permanently shifted after a weekend closure of the corridor to demolish the vintage elevated structure. Expected to happen this spring, dates to be announced. The new route to the bridge will be called "Presidio Parkway" although we're not sure the "Doyle Drive" appellation will ever go away for locals. Its reinvention will extend the Presidio's green space and views, plus clear the way for the Trust's creek daylighting projects down to the Bay. The video is a production of Teed-Haze TV and aside from the briefest of intros by Butch Haze, is completely real estate marketing-free. Enjoy.
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Doyle Drive

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