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How to Find a Good Value in the SF Real Estate Market

Finding good value is more than just accessing a price tag. Sometimes it requires vision. Could a fixer upper work for you?

Many first-time buyers will nix the neighborhood they really want because the price tag is just too high. But if you have the patience to captain a remodeling project, then buying a fixer-upper is the vehicle to finding that perfect home. The experienced agents at Domicile Properties will help you envision each home's potential. They know how easy it is to knock down a wall or widen a doorway (actions many of us never consider). Not sure if changes like this will break the bank? Domicile’s agents know how much a design strategy will cost, so you can factor that in to the true value of the home.
Some things can't be fixed; a super busy street, or a very bad floor plan. Domicile will help you avoid homes with those “fatal flaws” and help you find what you’re looking for. Download Domicile’s First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide today for more insider tips and insight. >>