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A Sampling of the Tiniest Abodes Currently For Sale In San Francisco

How to measure the square footage of a residence varies person to person. Do you include the closets? What about the interior stairs? If a room's 9'-7.5" x 13'-4" can you just round up to 10x14? In short, listed square footage is not a proper way to judge the exact size of a home. That said, we think that it gives you a good idea of what type of square footage you're dealing with. We've never seen a mansion that has been off by several thousand square feet. And we've certainly never seen a studio that suggested it was 2,500 square feet. Below is a list of some seriously small abodes currently for sale in San Francisco. We did not include any property that has a sale that's currently pending. We based our list on listed square footage and a close examination of the provided photos. Onwards!

Unit #204 at 74 New Montgomery Street, Yerba Buena
Asking price: $459,000
Size: 0-bed-1bath; 492 square feet
The skinny: This is being advertised as a junior one bedroom, but really it just looks like a large room was partitioned with a half wall (meaning it doesn't go from floor to ceiling) to separate a very tiny bedroom and a very tiny living room. The listing suggests this home be bought by a "downtown professional." The advantage of living at the Monty is that it's a relatively new residential building (converted to housing in 2008) and has a pretty fantastic furnished roof deck. Monthly HOA dues are $662.37 and there's leased parking nearby if you want to shell out $325.

Unit #583 at 260 King Street, South Beach
Asking price: $290,000
Size: 0-bed, 1-bath; 550 square feet
The skinny: The nice thing about living in a building like the Beacon is the amenities. Door person, 24-hour security, pool, spa, gym, clubroom, etc. You're also really close to AT&T Park. Monthly HOA dues are $741.46 and there's leased parking for "$9,999," which we're assuming is a typo.

Unit #506 at 901 Bush Street, Tendernob
Asking price: $359,000
Size: 0-bed, 1-bath; 341 square feet
The skinny: Classic San Francisco exterior with a very modern interior. We're actually quite fond of this unit's white Italian cabinetry and CaesarStone countertops. Extra bonus: there's hookups for an in-unit washer/dryer and there's a fantastic roof deck. Monthly HOA dues are $281.14 and there's no mention of parking.

Unit #122 at 88 Townsend Street, South Beach
Asking price: $499,000
Size: 0-bed, 1-bath; 538 square feet
The skinny: We're quite pleased to find at least one studio on this list with a murphy bed. And it's custom! This unit has laundry, chef's kitchen, and comes with one deeded parking space and storage. We should also point out that it has a private outdoor patio. Monthly HOA dues are $399.25.

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The Monty

74 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA

88 townsend

88 townsend, San Francisco, CA