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"I was moving and needed a place to rent. I came across a listing for a very nice house on CL for a very reasonable rent. I sent an email and the answer I got back was that he was renting the house because the tenants in the house weren't 'god-fearing' and he was looking for a nice person to replace them but he wasn't going to make them move out until he found the right person. I could drive by to take a look if I wanted to but I couldn't go inside. I found the house for sale on Redfin and it was pending. My first clue - OK, my second - was that the owner was an Ivy educated lawyer who couldn't write proper English!" - LanceL [What You Need To Know About Renting In San Francisco: Craigslist Edition] Ed. note: We hear stories like this from readers all the time, and have come across scammers like this in our own quest for shelter. Just another warning to be very cautious when it comes to renting via Craigslist.