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How to Survive a Bidding War in San Francisco

First-time buyers, fear not the first-time bidding war! Whether you’ve just started your search or you’ve been at it for months, you’re familiar with the common plight of multiple offers. It’s hard enough to find your perfect home, but competing against others with a similar goal—and perhaps a little more cash—can squash your homeowner dreams in an instant.

What do you do in this situation? Be prepared. Having a good agent is better than any schoolyard sabotage tactic and will get you what you’re looking for in the long run. The agents at Domicile Properties know the ins and outs of property values (which are way more than just a price tag). A dedicated team of three agents will help you determine whether a property is truly within your budget and coach you to make a successful bid if it is.

Domicile is tapped into the market and they’ll help you address your needs at any budget. Get more exclusive insider tips with a free first-time homebuyers guide from Domicile and find your dream home today. >>