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FIghting Words

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At last week's Board of Supervisors meeting the supes continued the appeal on the Masonic Center at 1111 California Street on Nob Hill until today's meeting. To recap: the venue is operated by Live Nation, and was granted a conditional-use permit this year to hold 25% more events than previous years. The neighbors, specifically the Nob Hill Association, are not pleased. "You can't drive a car, park or get into your own home when there are events," David Harmer, vice president of public affairs for the Nob Hill Association told the SF Examiner. Jessica Berg, who reps Live Nation had some choice words as well. "Hopefully the Board of Supervisors agrees with the Planning Commission that this venue should continue to be active and thrive for many more years to come." [Curbed SF/SF Examiner/Photo via wallyg]