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Fixing It Up In the Excelsior

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One of the many ways folks secure their first-ever piece of residential property is to buy a fixer-upper. For those not familiar, a fixer-upper is a house or other dwelling (we're sticking to houses) in need of repair, usually offered for sale at a low price. The low price is because you're going to have to sink either a boatload of cash into it to make it a home or spend many, many weekends trying to DIY. Or both. Fixer-uppers come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of despair. Unless you're a contractor or have a good chunk of cash, we'd suggest steering clear of homes that require skilled labor like electrical work, plumbing, etc. Today we're looking at 227 Ney in the Excelsior. It's a 2-bed, 1-bath, 750-square-foot single-family home that's asking $349,000. It's being described as a "diamond in the rough!" The Excelsior's median list price is $459,419, so you're getting a good deal if you're focusing merely on the numbers. The amount of work and money to make this shack a home varies person to person. Are you okay with spending the time or money refinishing the hardwood flooring? Or do you just want to get some cheap carpet installed? How long can you live with that kitchen flooring? And most importantly, how do you add a little curb appeal to this home's exterior? Give us your best bet in the comments about how much cash it'd take to make this house a home!
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