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"Honey, Can We Move to Oakland?"

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There are Eichlers in Oakland? Yes- in a small subdivision called Sequoyah Hills built in 1965 and sometimes referred to as the "Lost Eichlers of Oakland Hills". This one's in especially fine shape and the 5-bed, 2-bath house with its classic atrium entry came on the market today, asking $650,000. Aside from a slightly regrettable (and replaceable) front door, it's got everything you could want in an Eichler plus a back yard just big enough for a pool. Kudos to agents Renee Adelmann and Matthew Sorrenti for staging it like a Julius Shulman photograph from the '60s. You can see it for yourself at the open house, Sunday, March 25, from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.
· 8156 Coach Drive, Oakland, CA
· Sequoyah Hills [East Bay Modern]