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First-Time Homebuyers, We Still Want Your Stories!

In a little under one week, Curbed will launch Rookie Roosts Week, where we'll dedicate a good chunk of our daily content to all things first-time homebuying. We'll have maps, tips and advice, reports from first-time buyers and more. And we need your help! We're still looking for:

-- Horror Stories. We're seeking out your truly terrible tales of home-buying as a first-timer. Nightmare seller? Short sale blues? Bidding war gone wrong? We'll post the best (worst?) horror stories here on Curbed SF and have a vote for who has suffered the most. The SF winner's story will go up against all the winners from the other Curbed cities on our national site. The winner of that aggregated showdown will win a $2,500 gift card to the home store of their choice. Think you have a story that qualifies? Send it our way. Standard contest rules apply. Thanks!