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Dolores Park Bathrooms: Design by Committee(s)

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The current design for the bathrooms on the south side of Dolores Park [Photo credit: SF Gov]

The Dolores Park renovation project hit another snag yesterday, when the Arts Commission Civic Design Review Committee didn't like the design of the restrooms slated for the south side of the park. The architect and a rep from Rec & Parks were there to get approval for the second phase of the project, but according to Mission Local, the committee asked the architects to come back with other suggestions, saying the sharp edges of the building don't work with the sloping of the hillside.

The current proposal sites the bathroom building into the hill, with a fence that curves outward on each side of the structure. Though the Commissioners liked the curved siting, they weren't feeling the boxiness of the building design. The architect explained that earlier designs had the building better integrated into the hill, but they raised the height when Commissioners had previously mentioned that the lack of natural light could be an issue. The back-and-forth and mixed messages comes after (no joke) 52 meetings on the park redesign, causing for some understandable frustration from the design team. What seems like a small detail could cause a ripple effect in terms of project timing, as any changes to the design need to go through the whole chain of approvals all over again. The designers will be submitting a new presentation within one month after incorporating this round of the Commissioners suggestions - here's hoping it's the last.
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