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Checking In On Dolores Park

Phased renovations for Dolores Park [Photo Credit: Uptown Almanac]

It's been too long since we've stopped to chat about the renovation rigamarole over at Dolores Park, so let's catch you up to speed on all the happenings involving the park's big renovation. Last we heard, the first phase of the reno was approved in late January, paving the way for some finessing of the design details. Since then, the playground is almost complete (no thanks to some vandalism hits), so it shouldn't take too long to hammer out the rest of the renovation, right?

Wrong. The proposed new plan was presented on Wednesday night to a community meeting held at Mission High School. Elements include a new irrigation system, refurbished tennis courts, a relocated basketball court, an off-leash dog play area on the north and south sides, new bathrooms near the tennis courts and near the picnic area, and a multipurpose court specifically designed to handle bike polo. Also, the clubhouse will be removed and replaced with turf. According to folks at the meeting, (almost) everyone behaved and seemed favorable towards the new design.

The only hitch? Half of the park will be closed for close to two years. The renovations will be phased, so the southern half of the park will be closed Feb - August 2013, and the northern half will be closed September 2013 - July 2014. In addition, prep work construction starts this September. Be a good neighbor and pack a couple extra cold ones for the construction workers for the next few years.
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