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Want Lafayette Park as Your Backyard? Now's Your Chance

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The magical thing about 1925 Gough is that it's the only residential building to project into Lafayette Park in Pacific Heights. San Francisco starchitect C.A. Meussdorffer designed the building in 1908. According to the Encyclopedia of San Francisco, the "large apartments set a new standard for luxury," and "the building was ahead of its time in its classical style and incorporation of Beaux-Arts influences and established Meussdorffer as the architect of choice for luxury apartment buildings in the City." It should come as no surprise to find that we were very excited to see a listing pop up for the prestigious co-op, and a very fancy one at that. This 4-bed, 3.5-bath, 3,983 square foot condo last sold in late 2003 for $1,816,000. Now it's back on the market with a bigger price tag: $3,525,000. The big abode has had quite a bit of work done, including basics like refinished hardwood flooring and the bigger ticket items like a complete kitchen remodel. Ready to write a check so that you can take your tea in the solarium while you gaze out onto the private backyard? Not so fast. It's a co-op, so you'll need to do a new owner interview and be approved by the board before you can make an offer. Please invite us to the housewarming party.
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1925 Gough Street

1925 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA