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Nob Hill NIMBY Throwdown Over Masonic Center Continues Tomorrow

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Tomorrow the Board of Supervisors will hear the appeal over the approved Conditional Use Application for the Nob Hill Masonic Center. Way back in 2010, concert operators Live Nation applied to do some interior upgrades in the venue so they could increase the number of events held there. The application was approved, but neighbors FREAKED. OUT. and filed two separate appeals. The BOS felt the plan was good enough, had Live Nation reduce the number of events, and rejected the appeals. But it didn't end there - the same appellants took the case to the Superior Court in 2011, where a judge ruled the upgrades warranted full environmental review - the kind that can take years and kill a project.

Come January 2012, Live Nation decided to scrap the upgrade plans and just renew their Conditional Use authorization (even though it operated as a venue since the 1950s, the area was rezoned in 1978 to residential, so they technically need a CU to allow for continuation). The Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the continued use of the Masonic Center as a concert venue, and (surprise!) the neighbors were not pleased so they (surprise!) appealed. The BOS will hold a public hearing on the appeal, but we're sure we're nowhere near the end of this one.
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[Masonic Center via Flickr/wallyg]

Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium

1111 California St, San Francisco, CA