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Mission Fresh & Easy Is a Go

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Yesterday the Planning Commission voted to approve a new Fresh & Easy on South Van Ness Ave. The project would house the grocery store at an old DeLano's site, with half the building shared with a co-tenant (apparently Mission Neighborhood Centers is in talks to go in). The store claimed lots of community benefits, like local hiring and donating leftover food to local food banks. Opponents lamented the fact that the store doesn't accept WIC, but they explained that the state imposed a moratorium on new applications last year, and they're planning on participating in the program as soon as it becomes available again. They will accept Federal food stamps though. Another major issue was the sale of alcohol, since Fresh & Easy utilizes self-checkout machines. The Commissioners added a condition that they could only sell beer and wine, since "most kids are not trying to steal wine at the grocery store". The project was approved 4-3, with the condition that Fresh & Easy must apply for WIC as soon as the moratorium is lifted, and they must aim to meet a 100% local hiring goal.
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Fresh & Easy

1245 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA