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More Piers, Not Quite So Much Cup

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Piers 30/32 renovated for America's Cup use in 2013. Click to enlarge in a new window. [Credit: Port of San Francisco (.pdf)]

Via The Snitch at SF Weekly, a PDF document with very basic data and the broad outlines of Ports' plans to make do without the America's Cup Event Authority investment, with a resolution ready for the Supes by March 27. Seems it would take an estimated $7M-$8M investment to restore Piers 30/32 for use as a parking lot, plus some temporary use by the ACEA during the race (above.) A basic parking lot would net about $1M a year. Outfitting it for low-fi mega-yacht/cruise ship/military berthing would probably mean another $4M to $5M (our estimate) both to upgrade to Homeland Security standards and put in power for ships to not run their diesel engines 24/7. Overall, Ports estimates it's on currently the hook for another $10.9M for essential improvements, mostly involving the new cruise terminal at Pier 27 plus some other bits. Severing Piers 30/32 from Seawall Lot 330 across the Embarcadero (now a parking lot) could make a development deal for condos there much more attractive, especially since we have this vague recollection of height restrictions of between 5-14 stories there. Expect much "I told you so!" in the next few weeks.
· [The Snitch/SF Weekly]
· 34th America's Cup Update (.pdf) [Port of San Francisco]

Seawall Lot 330

, San Francisco, CA