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Mayor Weighs In On Redevelopment and Public Green Space

Yesterday Mayor Lee visited the Board of Supervisors for some formal policy discussion. All the questions and answers were prepared beforehand, but despite the stiff delivery there were some nuggets of info to examine. First, Sup. Olague asked about the now-defunct Redevelopment Agency - specifically, how will community voices still be heard without a lot of staff or resources. The Mayor assured that all the agency's affordable housing assets and functions have been reassigned to the Mayor's Office of Housing. MOH will also lead the forthcoming Housing Trust Fund. The City also created a successor agency to move forward with major project areas in Mission Bay, Hunters Point shipyard, and portions of the Transbay. To sort-of-kind-not-really answer the Supervisor's question, they're working on a transition system for the former Citizen Advisory Committees from Redevelopment areas.
Sup. Avalos wants to increase his district's green space and green canopy, and asked the status of the Alemany Street Greening Project. Currently, the median has only been greened from Lyell Street to Niagara Street, and the Supervisor wanted to know if there are plans to extend it all the way down to Daly City. The Mayor blamed funding for the hold up, since streetscape design and greening projects come straight out of the General Fund (the same General Fund that had a two-year deficit of $380 million). He also admitted that the City doesn't have the resources to maintain all of the street trees we already have. Apparently DPW is working on a study of tree maintenance financing possibilities, that should be ready later this spring.

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