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Fresh & Easy on South Van Ness Up Before Planning Commission

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Tomorrow the Planning Commission will hear the Conditional Use Application for 1245 South Van Ness Avenue to establish a new Fresh & Easy grocery store. As previously reported, the corner lot that recently housed DeLano's, until the chain went under. Now the project will divide the existing building into two halves - one side for Fresh & Easy, and the other for a TBD tenant. It will also provide 49 off?street parking spaces, additional landscaping and bike parking. Fresh & Easy has been working to make a stamp on the Bay Area, with stores recently opened in the Outer Richmond, Portola, and Bayview, as well as whole slew in the East Bay. As such, the store qualifies as Formula Retail - hence the CU. Planning supports the project since the site was historically a formula retail grocery store, and will create around 20 jobs, with the company committing to hiring 100% of store employees from within the surrounding neighborhood (Mission, Bernal and South of Market). The whole thing is supported by the Mission Merchants Association. We'll let you know what happens at the hearing.
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Fresh & Easy

1245 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA