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Condo-Searchers, Rejoice!

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When you're searching for an abode to buy, what's more annoying than clicking on a great condo and seeing that it has HOA fees higher than your monthly mortgage? The answer: absolutely nothing. Okay, first world problems aside, it is something pretty disheartening for home-buyers, and there is finally a solution. Redfin announced recently that there will be an option to search by HOA maximum (presumably most people don't have a minimum amount they want to pony up for gold-plated garbage cans and fancy-pants door-persons). Of course, realtors may start "hiding" high HOA fees from their listings, but this is still a great step in the right direction. We tried it out and found some great condos in SF with HOA dues under $200 per month. Score!
· 875 26th Ave. Richmond District 1-bed, 1-bath for $465,000. HOA is $100 per month.
· 60 Valley St. Noe Valley 2-bed, 1-bath for $549,000. HOA is $75 per month
· 169 Pfeiffer. Telegraph Hill 1-bed, 1-bath for $695,000. HOA is $175 per month.
· Now Available on Redfin: Filter by HOA Dues! [Redfin]