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Seawall Lot To Stay a Parking Lot (For Now)

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Seawall Lot 337 - current parking lot for AT&T Park and future home to...something - will remain a parking lot for the next five years, if a renewal lease is approved by the Board of Supervisors this afternoon. The space is currently leased to China Basin Ballpark Company, LLC, and they use the lot for commuter, baseball game, and special event parking. While all the hullabaloo over the site's future development continues to simmer (apartments and retail? artist space? Warriors stadium? oh my!), Port staff and CBBC have quietly negotiated terms for a five-year interim lease for special events and parking. It's not all for the sake of biding time though - the lease includes a high-season (ie. baseball season) base rent from April through October of $355,000 per month. Jeez, and we thought our rent was out of the park.
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