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"Sister" Project to Infinity Towers Back Before Planning Commission

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[Above, an early-21st Century rendering of 201 Folsom, via SF New Developments]

Tomorrow the Planning Commission will hear an informational presentation on the "sister" project to the Infinity Towers. Approved back in 2003, the project is for two residential towers, 350 and 400 feet above an 80-foot podium at 201 Folsom Street across the street from the Infinity I & II. The original approval motion recognized the potential for design of the project to change before construction and included a condition of approval that the Planning Director approve the final design after an informational hearing at the Planning Commission. The new design reduces the number of parking spots in the podium section, originally included for the neighboring US Post Office sorting facility that's now defunct, so the podium has been redesigned. There will be less dwelling units than originally planned, but more commercial spaces and open space. As with the Infinity project across the street, Arquitectonica is collaborating with local firm Heller Manus. The agenda didn't include the new renderings, so we'll fill you in after the hearing tomorrow.
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201 Folsom Street

201 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA

The Infinity

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