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Metro Theater Wants to Pump You Up

Tomorrow the Planning Commission will hear a Conditional Use Application to seismically retrofit the closed Metro Theater at 2055 Union Street and convert it to a Equinox Gym. The project would divide the existing interior theater auditorium to create three full floor levels of gym space. The existing ground floor retail space in the front, currently occupied by Marmalade, will remain, with a second retail space added on the other side and a community room on the first floor available to neighborhood groups. Additionally, the 2,000 square foot fitness area will be available for the public as a multipurpose auditorium, including a permanent retractable screen, up to 18 times per year. The Metro Theater was declared a City Landmark in 2009, so the project would preserve historic murals within the auditorium by constructing the new floors away from the side walls.
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Metro Theater

2055 Union Street, San Francisco, CA