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Arguing About Parking

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It looks like a piece of Bernal Heights is knee deep in a parking war, on "Folsom near Ripley, just below the entrance to Bernal Heights Park." It originated from an angry neighbor leaving a handwritten note on a car that had been parked for what they considered too long (you can click the photo to the right for a larger version). The car owner responded with a neatly typed note, filled with gems like "So thank you neighbor, for your warm and valiant offer to educate me about San Francisco's 72 hour parking limit with your insightfully scrawled note." One neighbor spoke to Bernalwood about the notes, and said that they thought "this "parking war" is a misunderstanding and a waste of time." Head on over to Bernalwood for their full report (and a lively and insightful comment section). [Bernalwood]