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What Is This, And Why Is There No Building Permit?

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Got a question about what's going up (or coming down) in your neighborhood? Inquiries welcome at the Ask Curbed SF Inbox. It helps if you send a picture, like one reader did, above.

A concerned reader asks:

Does anyone know what is going up between Ferguson Bath & Kitchen Gallery and the Royan Hotel? I walk by most everyday and have yet to see a building permit posted.What's going up is 411 Valencia Street, a 16-unit condominium project over retail and a garage. As for the building permit, we can't answer why it's not posted, but it was issued in June, 2011 after years of back and forth- starting with an initial approval in 2006. Questions about inclusionary housing show up in the permit history. There was some review by the Historic Preservation Commission in 2008- the owners are replacing a one-story garage (Bennett's Auto Repair) in the Eastern Neighborhoods plan- plus a neighboring Clear Channel billboard intruded onto the site's airspace. We're going to assume four units per floor, one parking space per unit, no inclusionary housing. But it will have bay windows.
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