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All Hands On Deck! America's Cup Deal Listing to Starboard, Condos Walk The Plank and Buried Treasure Proves Elusive

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["Larry Ellison on the Joystick, America's Cup 2010" Photo Credit: Richard Gladewell, Sail World]

It's been a busy week for anyone involved- pro, con, otherwise- in the America's Cup Race here. Last Thursday morning the Event Authority dropped their designs on Pier 29 and later that day the BoS Budget & Finance Committee flogged them (politely) over revenues to Ports. Meanwhile, just a few hundred yards away former Supervisor Aaron Peskin was filing a suit to stop the race on environmental grounds. Yesterday afternoon the Event Authority dropped plans to rehabilitate Pier 30/32 as a team venue- probably because they suddenly realized there are only three teams expected to compete- and will consolidate those activities at Pier 80 further south, also relinquishing the right to the Ports-owned Seawall Lot 330 for event staff housing and future condos. Despite the Event Authority saying February 28th's the day or the race may not happen here, the Board of Supervisors vote to approve the agreement, planned for this afternoon, has been postponed. Cue swashbuckling, and feel free to lob any nautical puns in the direction of the comments section.
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Seawall Lot 330

, San Francisco, CA