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No Sandbox Planned for 700K Playground at Sue Bierman Park

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But there will be a Pirate Ship. Which strikes us as being historically insensitive, unless you live on the coast of Somalia, in which case it's currently insensitive. Why is this not a Gold Rush schooner or and America's Cup multi-hull? Probably because this Pirate Ship is one of the off-the rack pieces of playground equipment specified by Roma Design for the privately-funded playground in Sue Bierman Park. Roma had been previously involved in the park's landscape- along with much of the recent hard-scape and plantings along The Embarcadero- and is working on the playground pro bono. Budgetwise, the cost of the park has gone up to around $700,000, so that custom multi-hull maybe out of the question. Besides money, the other big San Francisco question, of course, is homeless people. From the Waterfront Playground's FAQ:

Q: How do you anticipate keeping the homeless people outside of the playground?

A: Homeless, like any other people, can legally occupy public spaces; however, law specifically protects children playgrounds. California Penal Code (CPC) 653G prohibits adults trespassing into a playground unless accompanied by children, and Park Code Sections 4.10 & 3.02 prohibits alcohol and smoking in playgrounds.So, homeless families are OK. Fundraising to begin soon, no word on naming rights, and the playground is sited directly across from the planned 8 Washington Street development. Which may also have a playground in its future. Parents rejoice.
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Sue Bierman Park

269 Drumm St., San Francisco, CA 94111