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Victim of Merciless Taggers, Gold Mountain Mural Gone

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Click on the image to enlarge: detail of "Gold Mountain" mural by Anne Sherry on Romolo Place [Image lifted from Google StreetView]

It's not exactly current news, but the Chronicle reports today that Anne Sherry's 1994 mural of Chinatown history "Gold Mountain" was painted over in December. Apparently the persistent target of taggers, the owners of the building on Romolo Place in North Beach, the Chinatown Community Development Center, wiped it out with beige paint at the end of last year. The artist is angry, having spent a year restoring/repainting it in 2004:

It was an absolute nightmare," she said. "All they could pay me was coming out of their poor little pockets, so I accepted it because at the time I could afford to take a lot of time to do this. ... So I basically just did the work, and they let it go to hell again.It's not like the taggers will stop, so we hope the Center has a lot of beige paint, but it's sad to have this happen in a city where street murals have become a tradition.
· North Beach Mural Painted Over [SF Gate]