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With Rent Control for Yachtsmen in Peril, Greedy Sailors Push Back at New Marina Rules

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Fleet Week, Marina Green [Photo Credit: Sergio Ruiz]

In a new twist on three classic San Francisco turf wars- arguing over parking, rent control, and park use, tenants at San Francisco's Marina are unhappy with a draft set of proposed rental terms for slip spaces. Officially called the San Francisco Small Craft Yacht Harbor, the marina has a total of 691 boat slips (aka "berths") and according to Park & Rec's Phil Ginsberg, there are almost 200 people on the waiting list for slips. Previously, boat owners have been able to transfer leases to their slip in the sale of their boats. Making the boat much more valuable. In a nautical version of the teardown, some boats are believed to have been purchased only to acquire the lease.
New rules will end that practice. Owners are crying foul, complaining that transfer of the berth figured into their calculations for the cost of boat ownership. Of course, no one puts quite that cynical a spin on it, but that's what it comes down to, especially with new occupancy requirements, size limits, and a new no-sublet rule.

You can peruse the new rules (there's a link at the Rec & Parks site) with comprehension made easier by by Rec & Parks having simply crossed through the old terms and inserting the new. As for the America's Cup, which seems to elicit yawns from anyone without a oar in it, the slips- privately traded or just sublet for the race- could prove a windfall for current tenants. Meanwhile, Rec & Parks is faced with having to find revenue for infrastructure and maintenance all over town, in the face of opposition from a diverse range of NIMBYs, ranging from Telegraph Hill to San Mateo County's subsidized golfers at Sharp Park. And now, add boat owners to the list.
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San Francisco Small Boat Harbor

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