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Limn Founder's Concrete Manse Takes a Little More Off the Top

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Was: $2,500,000
Then: $2,390,000
Now: $2,195,000
You Save: $305,000 As we've previously mentioned, in 1996 architect and Limn founder Dan Friendlander designed three concrete and steel contemporary (and badass) buildings behind his gigantic furniture store Limn on Townsend Street. One of the building's was the Limn Art Gallery, the other two were private residences. The one you see above was where Mr. Friendlander and his clan called home while Limn was still in business. Shoot forward to current day and Limn's not open anymore and Friendlander's trying to offload his old residence. The 4-bed, 3-bath, 2,500 square foot condo has been on and off the market for awhile now, but without any bites. Readers, what'll it take for this concrete abode to finally land a buyer?
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294 Townsend

294 Townsend, san francisco, ca