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From Landmark Church to Tech Offices For Dreary SoMa Corner

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As previously reported

, the conversion would turn the 1912 church into 18,260 square feet of office space, 1,300 square feet of retail space, and 2,500 square feet of assembly space. Forced to close when the 1989 earthquake damaged it to the point of being seismically unsound, the new project includes repair and rehabilitation of the exterior, a seismic strengthening of the existing church, and construction of an interior free?standing mezzanine. The church also happens to be a city landmark, and the project has already received the thumbs-up from the Historic Preservation Commission, which called it "a model project for reuse and rehabilitation." Because of its historic status, the project would utilize the California Historic Building Code, and Federal Rehabilitation Tax Incentives and New Markets Tax Credits to help finance the work. Check out the gallery above for what's in store.
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St. Joseph's Church

1401 Howard Street, San Francisco , ca