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Vintage Coca-Cola Sign (Finally) Up Before Planning Commission

The "vintage" Coca-cola sign in question [Photo courtesy of Bernalwood]

The epic NIMBY battle over the restoration of a vintage Coca-Cola sign in Bernal Heights reaches its peak tomorrow, as the Planning Commission will hear a Conditional Use application to allow the restoration of a vintage sign within a residential district. Perhaps you remember the war that has waged over the sign, located on the side of a house that previously functioned as a store, and the anonymous NIMBY neighbor who registered a complaint with the Planning Department over the "unauthorized billboard." Once Planning Commissioners and Supervisors were on board with saving the sign (including Sup. Campos creating legislation to protect such types of signs), there was the whole debacle over what to call them, finally settling on "vintage signs." Now that that the legislation was passed, the Planning Commission must grant Conditional Use Authorization to the property owner to allow the restoration and maintenence of a vintage sign. Planning staff recommends approval, stating preservation of the sign "will help preserve the cultural and visual identity of this neighborhood" and "is desirable and compatible with the neighborhood."
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