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What's Happening at 1266 Washington On Nob Hill?

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[Photo Credit: from Google Streetview, dated April 2011]

We got an inquiry about a construction site in Nob Hill, 1266 Washington, that's hidden from the street by a super deep setback and high retaining walls.

Way back in 2004, the owners of the 3-story single-family residence got approval to "remove an existing two-story addition and replace it with one that does not exceed the existing building's footprint". The project would have filled in of a notch on three floors and added two new stairways in the rear yard, as well as construct a new retaining wall on the Washington-facing front yard. Scroll forward a few years, and many renewed permits later, it looks like the project is still underway. Permits from 2011 aim to complete and finalize the work. Google Map satellite images dated 2012 show the construction wrapping up nicely.