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The Presidio: No Room at the Inn, Ever

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[Photo Credit: Walt Disney Museum]

Although a B&B will open there this spring, and despite a much-visited Walt Disney Museum, dozens of offices plus Lucas' megaplex, a wildly-popular nearby orange bridge, and Crissy Field, there's no full-service hotel anywhere near the Presidio. Or any way to capture lucrative conference and wedding business. The Presidio Trust changed the rules last year to accommodate a real hotel near the historic Parade ground, but opponents are having none of it.

We have no choice but to file this lawsuit to protect this national park, which belongs to all Americans? The unique historic value of the Presidio Main Post should not be sacrificed to build an unnecessary hotel.”So says Gary Wildman, president of the Presidio Historical Association and perennial opponent of development in the park, in a press release this morning. In face of the Presidio's increasing attractions and activities, the PHA is joined by the Sierra Club in wanting everyone who visits the Presidio to have to drive there from somewhere else. Or stay home.
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The Presidio Trust

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