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Where Do The Transplants Come From?

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[via Trulia]

Trulia released their "Metro Movers" Report today identifying what parts of the country are hot or not in real estate searches. For example, the report showed that people who currently live in SF but are looking to leave, are most often looking in Oakland, followed by San Jose and Sacramento. Those transplants we hear so much about? According the report, we can expect them to come from Oakland, San Jose, or Los Angeles, so enough with the "move back to Kansas" comments, you dig? One more thing they studied when not watching the people of the Bay Area shuffle themselves back and forth across the Bay Bridge: what neighborhoods locals are looking at that out-of-towners might miss. Trulia calls these "best-kept secrets" and we have to admit that they are gems: St Francis Wood, Glen Park, Sea Cliff, and Dogpatch all score points with locals. What do you think, dear readers? What other neighborhoods do transplants overlook when they first move to the city?
· Moving Trends: Where Are Today's Buyers Searching [Trulia blog]