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Posh FiDi Penthouse Hacks Half a Million Off

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Was: $3,150,000
Then: $2,950,000
Now: $2,650,000
You Save: $500,000 The penthouse at 845 Montgomery has been on and off the market since September of 2010. What seems to be the problem? Readers, give us your best bet in the comments. In April of 2008 the current owners purchased the penthouse for $2,633,000 and then immediately sunk a big chunk of change into it to make it the fancy palace you see above. Then they put it on the market, but no one bit. Stats: it's a 2-bed, 2.5-bath, condo that's just a tad over 2,000 square feet. The building was designed in 1911 by architect Albert Pissis, and then was completely renovated in 2007. The building was also featured in the film Vertigo, so there's that. Monthly HOA dues are $944.66 and there's 1-car parking in the garage.
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845 Montgomery

845 Montgomery street, san francisco, ca s