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Court Rules Kapor-Kleins Will Be Homeless

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Model of the planned Kapor House in Berkeley [Photo Credit: Marcy Wong Donn Logan via Berkeleyside]

It's a good rule of thumb- piss off a preservationist and your project will never get built. And yesterday, the Alameda First Court of Appeals ruled in favor of "over my dead body" and "not in your lifetime" in the matter of the house Mitch Kapor and Freada Klein have been trying to build in Berkeley. For the past two years. Armed with an eminent geotechnical engineer and a skilled land use lawyer, plaintiff Susan Nunes Fadley got the court to reverse an earlier ruling that the City of Berkeley did not have to require the Kapor-Kleins to prepare an environmental impact report. As for the immediate neighbors (Ms. Nunes Fadley is not a neighbor) they were thrilled to have the original shingled cottage/crack house demolished, and supported the new construction- substantially below street level and with a planted green roof- in part because the planned 10-car garage would have reduced parking congestion on their narrow street. Next stop, Supreme Court?
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