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Three Pot Dispensaries Within One Mile on Mission

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[The Green Cross. Photo Credit: Oaksterdam]

Up before the Planning Commission tomorrow is not one, not two, but three medical marijuana dispensaries within a mile of Mission Street, two of them on the same block. Planning Code states that all MCDs are required to be heard by the Planning Commission, but these three also had separate requests for Discretionary Review filed by a member of the public, specifically the Outer Mission Merchants and Residents Association. They’re concerned about the locations being near child care and nursing home facilities, the crime they might attract, and would prefer a commercial use that would “better complement the neighborhood and commercial residential district.” The projects were supposed to go before the commission in November 2011, but were continued when a state appeals court ruling said that city or county laws regulating medical marijuana violated federal law. Now that the Supreme Court is hearing the appeal, the lower court's ruling is invalidated, and the city can start issuing permits again. Since then, the DR requester has gotten 437 additional signatures in opposition to the projects. Nonetheless, Planning Department staff recommends approval for all three locations.
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