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Room for Mr. Ed, National Velvet, and Sea Biscuit

With so many potential listings waiting to come on the market- as they will when the next IPO shoe drops- and so little action in what passes for affordable housing in these parts, we decided to look around for something a little different. And here it is. Housing for Horses. The 31-stall, 1-bath Grizzly Peak Stables came on the market late last year, asking $5,000,000, with seventeen acres and spectacular views for you and your equine pals. No word on whether the ponies are covered by tenant's rights, but the property is zoned for agricultural use, so your plans for Tuscany in Orinda may remain unrealized. On the other hand, no shortage of well-rotted manure, and room for chickens. Bring your decorator.
· 271 Lomas Cantadas, Orinda [Redfin]