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Julia Morgan Aerie on the Edge of Russian Hill, $4.2M

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At the top of Russian Hill at the end of the Vallejo Crest, there's a redwood gate. And behind the gate, a brick path down to to this bit of cliffside, c.1917 shingled Julia Morgan. Once a vertical warren of redwood/douglas fir paneled rooms and cubbyholes, it's been substantially remodeled since we saw it a few years back and seems to have acquired an elevator. The 5-level, 3-bed, 5-bath house came on the market today asking $4,200,000, with the same unbelievable views and a slightly more comprehensible floor plan, and once the home of late advertising genius Hal Riney, who we'll assume took charge of the renovation. The house is often referred to as the Helen Eells Livermore House, after the woman Morgan designed it for and a member of the family partly responsible for the development of Russian Hill as we know it today. Floor plans in the gallery, above. The listing mentions parking for four cars, which probably takes place in the c.1998 condo development next door.
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Helen Eells Livermore House

1023 Vallejo Street, san francisco, ca