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Middle-Income Housing: What's the Answer?

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[10th & Mission Family Housing. Photo Credit: Mercy Housing California]

This afternoon the Supervisors revisited yesterday’s hearing on middle-class housing, this time with Mayor Lee joining in. The “San Francisco Middle” - households with an income between $50,000 and $150,000 - makes up the largest portion of the city’s workforce, yet only 20% of affordable housing stock targets the middle-income population. Supervisor Scott Weiner asked the mayor how we can ensure that the Housing Trust Fund the Mayor convened recently will meaningfully address the need for moderate/middle income housing. His response echoed the sad truth that outside state and federal funds for low-income housing usually aren’t available for the middle, causing most to move outside the city. And since the dissolution of the Redevelopment Agency, the city is now responsible for creating the majority of affordable housing. Hopefully this Housing Trust Fund will have some answers soon.
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