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Concrete and Steel Lovers Take Notice: 2555 Union Takes a Price Chop

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Was: $9,250,000
Now: $8,950,000
You Save: $300,000 In October of last year Curbed told you about 2555 Union, the Stanley Saitowitz-designed concrete and steel abode in Cow Hollow that had just landed on the market with a completely reasonable and obtainable price of $9.25M. And while some commenters disagreed, we still stand by our original statement that this property is a fantastic example of contemporary residential architecture, something you don't often see around these parts. The 4-bed, 3.5-bath, 6,000 square foot home has all sorts of fancy bells and whistles, like a stainless steel toilet and an elevator to all three floors. Tell us, dear readers, what'll it take for this manse to find a buyer?
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