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SOMA: St. Joseph's May Have Some Resurrection in its Future

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Up before the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission today- a proposal to renovate and re-purpose the SOMA eyesore/treasure St. Joseph's church. Chris Foley of the Polaris Group wants to take advantage of the new Twitter/Mid-Market activity and convert the 99-year-old structure into offices and a cafe. The Commission gets to review the conditional use change, seismic upgrade and exterior renovation- all changes that Planning has signed off on as appropriate- as this is San Francisco Landmark No. 120. And if that's not enough, the Romanesque-to-Baroque St. Joe's is on the National Register of Historic Places. Only the church is in play here, not the extensive campus around it, and the building's been unoccupied after being damaged by the 1989 earthquake if you don't count the homeless people who squatted there periodically until March, 2008 when Foley bought the building and secured it.

We looked at St. Joe's a while back and today's Chronicle has an update. Located on one of SOMA's least inspirational corners along the 10th Street route to the freeway, St. Joe's has potentially 21K of inspiring open office space in a heavenly old building.
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St. Joseph's Church

1401 Howard Street, San Francisco , ca