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Let's Get to Know the East Bay's Newest Rental Development

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Berkeley Central in Downtown Berkeley is the newest rental development to open in the East Bay. There are 143 "loft-style" residences, with studios starting at $2,100, one bedrooms starting at $2,500, two bedrooms starting at $2,900, and penthouses starting at $5,650. The development was originally built as a condominium project, so the finishes throughout are pretty fancy schmancy. From the press release we learn that Berkeley Central's nine penthouses think of themselves as "unmatched anywhere in the East Bay." While the leasing office is now open at 2055 Central Street, right now they're just pre-leasing and giving tours. It appears that they'll be letting folks move in later this month.

· Berkeley Central [website]

Berkeley Central

2055 Center Street, Berkeley, CA